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if you were a booger.... i'd pick you first. aww. [16 May 2005|01:11pm]
[ mood | musical ]

Fun Weekend=longish updateCollapse )

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[12 May 2005|09:41pm]
Love the Journey,
Not the destination.
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[09 May 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Heaven's not a place that you go when you die
It's that moment in life when you actually feel alive
So live for the moment
And take this advice, live by every word
Love is just a hoax so forget anything that you have heard
and live for the moment now

-the spilled canvas: the tide-

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Happy Mothers day [08 May 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

i drove on the expressway. And it was good.

We taught sunday school today and we only had 7 kids but it was still crazy. well again just the boys. we were trying to do mothers day things and they were like making like rockets and stuff and i felt bad cuz like moms do so much adn these kids can't even make them a simple card!

now i left all my homework to do but thats okay, all i have is english

i threw away so much stuff today and it felt good, as much as i like to keep things i like throwing them away too.

we went shopping i got two bras =o perfume and a tank top.

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[07 May 2005|09:51pm]
so i'm at target with my dad trying to pick out a mothers day card. Something funny, but not smart ass. Something cute, but not like oh i picked the cheesiest one. i think a card says a lot especially to my mom since she never likes presents. i'm having a hard time so i call my dad over and it goes a little something like this...

"hey dad can you help me pick a card out for mom?"

he walks over sees grabst he frist one he sees, one with a flower on the front
that says happy mother's day on the inside, "here this ones nice"

i'm thinking he's got to be kidding me "uh, i'll keep looking."

"well a cards just a card i mean, you write something cute on the inside and thats all that matters, haven't you ever noticed that your birthday cards are never anything special?"

thankfully i found one eventually, today was good.
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[06 May 2005|09:13pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Today was a joke, today was prom so basically all the juniors were gone, and it was AP testing so tons more people were gone, it made for a very relaxing friday.

I made a mistake and when i'm in boston i'm supposed to have the overnight pre south dakota and i'm sad that i'm missing it. =(

Howie Day is coming on July 3rd to Summerfest, i'm so overly excited its not even funny. If i have to work someone better switch with me.

Speaking of work, one of the girls i work with at my church quit so now i have another job so that just means more money for me. =) yay. hopefully it won't be too hard. except i have to work tomorrow.. and i have drivers ed 11-1 so i'm going into work from like 7-11. gross.

But then my sister is coming home for a surprise visit and i'm very excited. except i know about it so its not a surprise to me, but to the rest of the family. i was gonna clean my room so she could sleep there, but  i didn't.. well at least not yet

and its 915, eariler then i'd go to bed on a school night but i'm exhausted and i have to get up early and i'm gonna attempt to clean a little bit for her.

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reasons why i shouldn't be allowed to post at night.. [04 May 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | curious ]

a few really random pics, and some of them are sideways.. i was having trouble rotating them sorryCollapse )

Suppose I said
I am on my best behavior
And there are times
I lose my worried mind

Would you want me when I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?

Suppose I said
Colors change for no good reason
And words will go
From poetry to prose

Would you want me when I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?

And I, in time, will come around
I always do for you

Suppose I said
You're my saving grace

It's a weird thing not to feel like yourself, cuz then.. who do you feel like?

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[04 May 2005|09:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

today's already wednesday, i guess that means the week is going by fast.

our english teacher gave us our schedule for the rest of the year, makes it look really short.

I just did some pilates so i'm gonna go shower, if i have the energy i feel like posting some pictures later tonight.. if i don't get around to it i'll prob do it tomorrow.

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"calm your mom down, she's crazy, ridiculous" [03 May 2005|09:25pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

oh wow. okay so sorry this is gonna be a rant..

so i was coming home from work with my mom and she had to get groceries for school (she teaches food classes) and since she's with schools she gets a tax exempt, and its sometimes a hassel but she's supposed to do it. so i went up and gave them the sheet and we were gonna swing by and pick it up when we were checking out. we were going down one of the isles and the guy was like oh we need your drivers lisence, this kidna got her mad cuz she usually does need to use it, so she sent me to the car and got it. so then she finished the shopping and i waited and they were like "we can't do it cuz your moms name isn't in the computer" and i've been with her lots of times when they've done it before. so she was like saying how her name is in there and she's been there so many times and they were like being mean and saying she can't do that and stuff and they were kind of yelling, and i guess she said the F word once or something. and then some other coustomers were like noticing. and i didn't really care cuz they were being mean and she should've gotten it because she's done it before. and so it was just getting kinda bad and they called their headquarters and they said they couldn't do it for some reason so it was really dumb so then my mom was like getting in line to pay or w/e and they take her groceries off the thing and she's like don't touch those they are my groceries and they were like do you plan to pay for them and she said yes. and then this JERK manager was like no you're not you have to leave the store and was like yelling at her. and then this cosomer that was like a man comes up to me and was like "calm your mom down, she's crazy, ridiculous" and i didn't want to yell too bad cuz idk what my mom would say so i was like "yeah okay whatever so are you" and then he was like "i see you've got the same blood as her" and i was so mad. and so then my mom like didn't want to leave the store cuz she was mad cuz they should give the tax exemption to her so then we were like waiting kinda outside the store where the carts are and she was talking to her friend on the phone and the same guy that yelled at me drove by and flicked me off! and so i walked outside and i was so ready to scream at him but i didnt want to get my mom more mad. and then she was talking to her friend and the manager came out and was like "ma'am this is the last warning" and she was like "i'm waiting for the cops" and he was like "okay well when they come you're gonna get a citation for disorderly conduct in a public place" and she was like trying to talk to him and he just kept saying like "okay ma'am this is your last warning or w/e" and then we just left. i was SO mad. they were so stupid. GRRR.

okay sorry, done ranting but i had to get that off, and then i felt bad because then i went to go get ice cream for a fundraiser for our class and she called me and she was crying because she felt like she was being a bad influence and i felt bad.

other than that today was all right.
mr.sciortino came back, his wife just had a baby - cole- i think its a cute name.
and then noelle drove me home, she's an excellent driver

alright well i'm done, hope you guys had a good tuesday <3

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w0w [02 May 2005|08:28pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

school wasn't too bad
went to the back doctor, the curve on my spine is still at the same angle so its not a worry anymore, although i still will always be uneven/crooked but oh well, it doesn't hurt or anything.
I'm so excited for this summer, i'm gonna be gone/busy so much.

6/11-6/19: Boston
6/20-6/24: VBS
6/24-6/26: Polish Fest
6/30-7/10: Summerfest
7/10-7/15: Tennis Camp
7/15-7/16: Overnight Pre-Trip Camp
7/17: Bastille Days
7/21-7/22: Festa Italiana
7/23-7/30: South Dakota
7/31: German Fest
8/3-8/6: Prism Camp
8/7-8/12: Pine Lake
8/12-8/14: State Fair
8/9-School: Tennis Starts

cRaZy. and its 8:34 and i've done nothing all night, probably should go do my homework. peace outside.

oh yeah, p.s.- check out my layout, it rocks.

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[01 May 2005|11:05pm]
[ mood | silly ]

I used to hate Sundays, but then there was Grey's Anatomy. =)

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twas a goodnight [30 Apr 2005|11:41pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So we went to pewaukee's grand march and it was really cool but we missed a lot of the dresses cuz we got there kinda late. then we went to mad dogs to eat and our waiters name was colossus. and that was his real name. then we were going cruising trying to find people and we had no luck so we went to the mall for a bit, but they close really early on saturdays i guess? so then as we were leaving we saw these cute guys and we were gonna head over to go bowling so i was just like "YEAH BOWLING AT BOWLERO'S.. BOWLING, BOWLEROS" and then we were like eh oh well and so we started leaving and then they just followed us and came with us, fun. but the bowling alley was like booked till 9 so we went to murfs and got ice cream, then we went back and bowled for a little bit.. and then we wanted to go to target, closed at 10. starbucks, closed at 10. so then we went to murfs and now i'm home. it was a good night.

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would you like one scoop or two? [30 Apr 2005|11:31am]
[ mood | excited ]

Just got back from the job interview and i got the job! yay! so i'm working for cedar crest ice cream and its just a summer job but i get to work at festivals and stuff. The manager seems really nice and it looks like it'll fit around my schedule. <3 most definetly exciting.

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dancing makes me crazy [29 Apr 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Just got back from Morp, the "anti prom" if you didn't catch that. It was alright. Amanda came over and we got ready and it took so long.. she curled my hair. we got there at like 9:15 and we felt real dumb cuz there weren't a whole lot of people and like no one we could dance with so then we just started asking randoms. Some were cool but then this one kept coming back to dance with amanda and she didn't like him very much. And then there were some drunk kids, lots of freshman and then on the way out there were cops.. hmm. busted? Well i'm pretty exhausted long day and tomorrow i've gotta go to church for a little bit in the morning and then i've got an interview to work at an ice cream place at festivals this summer, wish me luck!

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[29 Apr 2005|12:46pm]
[ mood | restless ]

so i'm sitting in photo, and noelle is telling me lots of stories. we're talking about getting in acidents cuz kayla got in one.. like this lady cut through the parking lot and just hit the side of her car. luckily her and steve were alright, but she's sad about her car cuz its probably totaled. I should be studying for chem cuz i've got a test next hour.. but its just math so idk how much i can study. "Math that i do'nt understand why you do in the first place" says noelle... alright well peace out.

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Friends Cut [28 Apr 2005|07:51pm]
So I know i never update, but i'm going to start now. And since i never really kept in touch with teh people that used to be on my friends list i'm doing a friends cut. Just let me know if you want to stay on. Thanks =)
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[28 Apr 2005|07:27pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

so today sucks for no apparent reason
latin, got a 94 on my test i was pretty happy even though thats with so much extra credit
english, took a quiz that was pretty easy so hopefully i did good on it
geom, was SO stupid.. sciortino had is baby so thats exciting but then we had this STUPID sub. and i decided that i hate subs who actually tought the subject because they try and teach you and they don't do it the way your teacher would so it just screws you up even more. and he was really bugging me so i just started doing the hwk but it didn't make any sense, oh well.
lunch, kinda funny.. idk nothing out of the ordinary
gym, we do tennis and i like that cuz i can actually do it and we played mini tennis and it was really cold but me and calry one and then me and kayla were winning but then we had to go inside
photo, was really annoying because the people in it are starting to bug me, but my film turned otu so thats exciting
chem, went over a lot of worksheets and i got most of them right so i was happy
20th, watched a dumb video and now our test is moved back to monday but that kinda stinks cuz i never study over the weekends. but oh well

After school i went to leap, it was the last one for the year. the kids were pretty good but we didn't do much. we played some games, decorated cookies, and then ate pizza.

Came home and we went to the dog park, there was this cute guy playing with his dog and, it made me happy <3

Then my mom wanted to go to the mall so i drove her and its like the first time i've dirven on real roads with her and i didn't liek it cuz she's so intimidating and then when i would do something she'd liek yell about it and so then i'd try and like over correct it the next time and that wasn't good either so yeah i'll just stick to driving with my dad.

and then, i get home finally just intime for the O.C. and what happens when i turn the tv on? "FOX NEWS COVERAGE" president bush was giving a conference.. and now its 735 and he's still talking.. they better play it next week or just play it from like 8-9 but i'm gonna be really mad.

I heard back from a few places at summerfest.. but none of the ones that i really want to work at. i really want to do the lemonade stand or the rootbeer place.. but so far i've only heard from saz's, crawdaddy's, and cedar crest

so this is real boring and yeah sorry, didn't mean for it to be but.. at least i'm updating?

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[27 Apr 2005|09:23pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

i've been so crabby lately and i don't know why. I seem to be wanting to start arguments with people and i just can't help it. I've got a lot of stuff that i'm looking forward to this summer, it should be a lot of fun. I'm trying to get a job at summerfest but i'm not hearing a lot from people. but i did get a response from cedar crest ice cream, that'd be fun. Amanda and i booked our flights to boston this week. We leave the 2nd day of summer.. yay. I was thinking today bout like all the people i used to be friends with and i miss a lot of them. it stinks. but then its like you don't really know why you aren't friends any more. like its not liek i had a big blow out with anyone. its justl iek you stop seeing them as much and before you know it you aren't even like freinds anymore. I guess thats just the way it goes. i really wanna get my lip and or tounge pierced. i think it'd be sweet. and maybe my belly button. peace out.

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"hurry... hurry" [16 Apr 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Hmm so i haven't updated in a long time, as tiffany reminded me last week and i think i want to start again. this weekend has been pretty fun. Friday we went over to alisons and jumped on her trampoline till cara got there and then we went bowling. we were hoping to pick up some guys.. but no such luck. Our lane was reallly dumb and it kept like shutting off so we complained to the manager and got free bowling tickets.. so i think we're going back. then we went over to murfs for some lovely food.

Saturday i went to work and got a pay check, yes. which makes me want a real job cuz i work like 3-4 hours a week which is nothing thats like what most people work a day. so it would be very nice to get money. but i think i'm gonna wait till like after tennis season next year cuz. then i can drive and also i won't be super busy. yeah then amanda and alison andi went to the mall for a really long time. we had to get brynns present and then we tied on some dresses. i got this really pretty prom dress for $5. its red and its pretty cute, the only thing wrong with it is that the clasp is broken in the back...... oh yeah that and i have no reason to wear it! but... idk its $5 so i think its worth it. who knows maybe i'll have some magical reason to wear it. it makes me really wish i was going. After that we went to amandas house and hung out before we went to brittanys.. it was really fun except we were waiting for a really long time but i think brynn was surprised and so it was fun. amanda and i couldn't sleep over though cuz we have tennis in the morning which i'm kinda worried about cuz i havent played an actual match in quite some time.

see yeah this i why i don't update cuz its just me talking bout my boring life. mmm but i'm so excited that its spring because i love the nice weather.. and i'm trying not to take advantage of it cuz a lot of times i'm just like yeah so what its nice out and then i'll sit inside.. but i've been trying to be outside cuz it makes me happy.

well i think i'm gonna go cuz its late and i wanna go to bed. goodnight.

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Third Weekend of November, two thousand and four.. [22 Nov 2004|09:33am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Overall a pretty good weekend. Friday I just sat at home and went to bed early, but i needed it to make up for the lack of sleep i got last week.

Saturday i forced myself to sleep untill 11:30, got up and had to move some stuff around because people were coming to clean the carpets. Then i spent from like 1-4 cleaning/haninging out in my room. and i got a lot done actually. Got ready quick to go to church, and it was the 25th anniversary and so there was a service and pastor sue she's so awesome preached and then from like 6-930 there was a "party" of sorts.. a dinner, and then like pictures from our churches history and we signed a time capsule thing and a mosaic. Krissy and Katy were looking at this poster from a time our grade went to the petting zoo, and they were laughing at this person adn i looked and guess who it was? . yeah it was me haha but it was in my "akward" stage.. so its all good

Sunday, got up early to go to church and printed out the poster stuff for christmas babysitting.. went to sunday school it was kind of interesting cuz we talked about drinking and stuff.. funny surveys though haha. Then went to another church service, but this time pastor dave, the one who started the church preached and that was good. went back home and amanda and i went to the mall for a few hours, i got a dress type thing for turnabout.. evven though i don't think i'm going with a date, but it was only like $20 so thats like less than if i was gonna buy a shirt or something lol. Came home, then left for CRAZY UNCLE. only the coolest game in the whole wide world. we had such a stacked team but it rocked.. and we won!! and i found a clue and i escaped from tony like 3 times.. except onetime he scared us really bad and this other time barb tripped me haha. hmm came home and played stupid for an hour and a half, then went upstairs and did my homework and then went to bed. yay. and now i'm in 2nd hour.. luckily we only have two days of school this week. yes =).

and in 2 days, my sister will be here
and in 3 days, thanksgiving will be here
and in 11 days, pine lake reunion will be here!! yay soo excited.

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